I am so happy, grateful and honored to have been a part of the Bob Proctor Matrixx for 7 seasons as the Official Media Strategist and Female Radio Personality! People who have met Bob Proctor will tell you When you spend even ONE day with Bob Proctor, you emerge a different person.

The Bob Proctor Matrixx is specifically limited to a small number of people so that he can work with you directly on your goals, business-building objectives, challenges and breakthroughs for your more effective wealth creation and accumulation.

The Matrixx is unquestioned access to one-on-one discussion and advice about your life and your business from the same consultants, advisors and go-to people that Bob, himself, relies upon in his daily business.

Its connection with like-minded people from 25 countries who support, provide needed resources and understand your expanded ways of thinking.

I’m so very blessed to have contributed to this forum, and am forever grateful for the long-term and lifetime business and personal relationships I made, and continue nurture and thrive!