At Michelle Corr Media (MCM) we pride ourselves in being your Trusted Advisor and Consumer Advocate when creating Celebrity Status for our clients! We provide our clients with exposure to achieve Celebrity Status locally, nationally and globally. We position you to create Celebrity Status for your Personal & Professional Brand.

Whats your plan?

Build credibility and visibility in the marketplace by implementing your seamless Brand, Media and Public Relations Positioning (PR, Radio, TV & Print) strategy, and endorsements to effectively leverage your Brand Story. A proven strategy and along with a well-planned Media campaign are a sure way to establish Celebrity Status!

Celebrity Status: Leverage your Brand!

Whats your plan? Who do you know that can assist in launching your Brand? Who would you like to know to develop a prosperous, two-way, professional relationships?

3 Ways to Create Celebrity Status

  • Endorsements
  • Brand & MediaStrategy
  • Public Relations Positioning via Traditional Media: Radio, TV, Print

Benefits of Leveraging your Brand

  • Creates instant credibility and visibility for your Brand Story & Messaging
  • Reaches and impacts your Target Market directly improving ROI
  • Elevates your Brand awareness and recognition through Celebrity Status