Brand Steward Management  +  Director of Marketing-for-Hire

Brand Managers or Marketing Directors are in charge of a company’s marketing efforts, strategies and managing timelines and goals. They ultimately seek to discover which of the market segments would buy your organizations products or services and how to best present them to the selected target market, in addition to discovering new market segments that would be interested in purchasing. They promote the company by working closely with Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms and other Marketing managers who report directly to them. Marketing Directors typically work in close proximity to other directors and top-level executives and require a degree in Marketing or related fields.

MCM agrees to perform as the Brand Steward Management Agent that will support the clients systems, structures, Branding, Media, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Strategic Connections and Celebrity Status. Our agreements run for 30 to 90 days, at which time we will reevaluate your needs, payment arrangement and results.

As the Client Agent, MCM provides the following services: working with our exclusive, pre-qualified vendors and experts, directing all communications between clients and vendors, overseeing all milestones and deadlines, and managing all breakdowns or challenges. Our service provides our clients with a peaceful, seamless experience, free from the typical vendor encounter as possible. We save valuable time, money and deliver on-time results!

Executive Producer

Michelle Corr has been successfully producing AM, FM & Internet Talk Radio programming since 2000. Her Executive Producer services include personal introductions to the owners, presidents and CEO’s of her network partners. By negotiating and securing station contracts, managing the communications and timelines, she can secure your show, slate the day of the week, time slot, and launch-date for your program, seamlessly!

Together, we will determine your definition of success, goals and desires for your show, to formulate a plan. Michelle assists with Talk Show Host training, developing the theme, branding, identity, creative content and aids in generating sponsorship packages and advertising revenue. Many hosts are successful at building a Radio platform that supports and sustains itself financially.

All Radio Pilot Programs are a minimum of 13 weeks. Around the eighth week, the network will offer to extend your agreement. When they invite you to become a more permanent part of their programming family, additional savings on six month and annual contracts are extended.

Traditionally, a minimum of three months of Executive Producer Services are required to fully integrate your Brand and launch your program. Additional Radio show materials and agreements accompany the Executive Producer Services, should you like to move forward with your own Media Channel. I look forward to being a part of connecting you and your company’s message globally, while building visibility, credibility and a loyal following!