“Brand” is not to be confused with “Logo” – a logo is the iconic representation of your product, company or service.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity, is the visual representation of a brand.  It is the collective of cohesively designed elements, working together synergistically, to form how you visually, and emotionally experience the brand. These elements align the imagery on how your brand appears both online and off. The Identity will drive the images selected for creating advertising, business cards, brochures, social media campaigns, packaging and more.

Brand Archetype

We like to personify brands today due to our relationships with them so using that theme, let’s identify what a Brand Identity System is in the form of a person. Successful brands of today tend to have common human characteristics, which start internally, with a Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values. These internal human characteristics translate seamlessly from person to brand. the brand identity system is a visual representation of the brand. So, how that would translate to a person would be the visual representation of that person (their appearance).

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