I began my career in Radio almost by accident! After spending 6-years in national Sports Television, including a Season at famed NBCs Unsolved Mysteries, I thought I would take a mini break and explore my options. I posted my resume on Monster.com and immediately began receiving inquiries from a Phoenix Radio Network. Having never worked locally, and coming from a Television& Film background I had no idea why they were interested in pursuing me Radio is audio, not visual. I decided to further investigate the opportunity. Little did I know, it would change my life!

In January of 2000 I began my career in Radio as an Executive Producer. Within the first 6-months I decided to launch my own weekly program, The Naked Truth. Now 18-years have passed, approximately 150 executive produced programs, and 4 signature shows 180 Radio, In the Mix, Perfect Game & Michelle Corr 6 Connected.

I quickly learned to love the medium of Radio Media. It allows the host, guest and listening audience the ability to connect with very little effort and no physical commitments or boundaries! I’m blessed with the opportunity to influence and the privilege to broadcast locally on KWSS 93.9 FM Phoenix Scottsdale, AZ, via the Internet on VoiceAmerica’s Variety and Health & Wellness Channels, archived at www.podomatic.com and am available in iTunes – globally!

I never set out to be a star. My passion for connecting, investigating, and opening the minds of my friends, fans and followers, along with the ability to promoting great people, products and services to my audience throughout the country and around the world, is made possible through Radio. Spiritually, Radio waves go on forever therefore my intentions, and that of my sponsors and guests, must be in the same alignment to be of service to the hearts, bodies and minds of those we are privileged to touch.


  • Radio reaches 93% of all adults each week.
  • More Than 234 Million Listen to Radio Every Week Reports Arbitron
  • 88.6% of Talk Radio listeners are age 35 or older
  • 70.8% of listeners are age 45 or older
  • Listeners age 35 – 64 listen to an average 9-hours of talk radio per week
  • 70% of college graduates tune into network radio weekly. College-educated listeners make up nearly two-thirds of the total 18+ audience.
  • Each week, network radio reaches 75% of those earning between $50K-$75K per year, and 74% of those earning more than $75K.
  • Radio has a 49% better return on investment than T.V.
  • Talk Radio has a market share of 10.4% at any given time more than any other genre