After 13 years on the air, it was time to retire my mic. I am so grateful and blessed for my time on the air waves – broadcasting is truly an honor and a privilege!

Michelle Corr 6 Degrees aired on KWSS 93.9 FM and on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Networks Variety and Health & Wellness Channels. 6 Degrees was your Connected Consciousness, trusted advisor, consumer advocate, human interest radio magazine! Its what comes around, goes around radio, committed to delivering a fresh perspective on thought provoking, investigative information that can change your Health, Wealth, Love and Life! Finance to Romance, Mainstream to Metaphysical, 6 mission is to inspire, enhance and enrich the lives of its listeners by providing a feel-good mix of stories and a positive, practical, upbeat look at life, love and the pursuit of passion!

Michelle Corr 6 connected you to the social and emotional scene, helped fix your financial frustrations, rejuvenated your relationships, provided wisdom for your well-being, and compeled your charitable compassionate side! We’re not separated by six degrees, were connected!

Michelle deeply valued her listeners and maintained a loyal audience of college educated women and men that range in age from 25-65, the mean being 35-55, with a house-hold income of $75,000. VoiceAmerica has a global audience of 3.9M monthly, KWSS 93.9 FM has 20K PQH listeners locally, and 150K visitors to their website monthly.


  • Phoenix, AZ is the 5th Largest City in the United States
  • Access to the15th Largest Market in the U.S. and Puerto Rico
  • Michelle Corr 6 had significant market penetration, is unique, and wide-reaching
  • Michelle Corr 6 had an established audience of upper class,$75K+ income adults age 35 54
  • Massive growth among adults ranging in age from 25 – 65
  • International Access via Podcast & iTunes with downloads from Europe, Asia and the Americas
  • Live Remote Capability